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Welcome to Wild Lotus Spirit Healing.

We are currently based in Rockingham (WA) and Margaret River region.

My name is Marcia and I will be your guide.

Whether you are just beginning your journey home to your self, your heart, or you've been walking this path for years, I offer services to bring you peace and alignment to your truth where ever you are in this moment. 

I'm also a sacred tool craftswoman, creating healing tools for all purposes with intuitive guidance, ceremony, and higher knowings.

Its my service mission for you to remember the sacredness and beauty of life, the joy, passion and the tears, enabling you to embrace what may come with open arms and experience all of the human emotions in safety and support. Most of all to remember you are love, loved and loving.


We are not the stories of our traumas, there is hope, there is growth, there is support and there is freedom, all you need to be is willing. 

The dark night of your soul, is just your call for home.

The further you have roamed, the longer and darker the road may appear.

love, light, laughter


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