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Ocean Dreaming - Drum Birth workshop

From The soothing sounds of the waves lapping at the shore to the heart pounding crashes.


This workshop is an opportunity to Journey with the Dreaming energy of the Oceans and bring to life it’s medicine through your own Ocean Drum.


I’ve lived, played and worked with the energy of the Salty water for most of my life. Mama Qocha, Goddess of the water, has spoken and she wants to be expressed. She wants to help us soothe the Soul, calm the emotional body and cleanse our minds.

This full day workshop/journey, begins in ceremony, drifting into the Ocean dreaming through Shamanic Journeying. Receiving all we need to bring the medicine and energy of the drum through. Atlantis, Dolphins, Whales, Sirens, Lumeria, all things water and Ocean may join with you to aide your journey.


The drum is created using a kangaroo skin, connecting through ourland from the streams they drink and into the ocean.
2 circles are laid either side of the wooden frame and stitched together around the middle.

Sound is created from a variety of medium which you will choose on the day, or bring your own if you have ideas :)


We share lunch (please bring a vegetarian plate to offer)

We will have a ceremony at the nearby lake once all are formed with an optional swim.


These drums are designed to be played much like a rainstick….. though a small headed mallet can be used to play like a normal drum, it sound great and is effective..

2 in one drum!!! 

How does it get better than that!


Exchange $385
Contact 0422638186 for EOI

Plans available

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