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Heal, Align, Activate, Integrate

July 22 -25



*Activating Soul Awareness

*Creating a Portal to align to and Receive Soul Purpose
and Integrate

*Deepening Connection to Inner Power and individual 


*Earthing, Grounding, and Embodying the Self

*Remembering & awakening of Soul truths & wisdoms

*Harnessing Intuition and Soul energy to Manifest


Who is this for?

*Anyone who feels they need a good deep soul healing and activation of self 

*Anyone feeling they have greater purpose but don’t know what that is yet

*Anyone with purpose but feeling stagnant and ungrounded

*Anyone who feels they would like to be in greater communion with their true selves

*Anyone struggling to Manifest Soul purpose and desires in the physical

*All those wishing to download and integrate their souls gifts and wisdoms in this physical life time without the trauma of other lives lived

*Those in service or feeling the call to be of service

I’m calling out to all souls who are awakened or awakening to hear the sound of their own Hearts. To access the seat of their soul and bring forth the fullness of themselves to this lifetime. You are a whole lot more than what you know yourself to be in this moment. A sovereign being of Light.

So, if you’re ready to expand into yourself even deeper and uncover whats beyond

Ready to step into the limitless possibilities that await you

Ready to heal on a deep soul Journey, releasing any lifetimes of doubts and fears and open yourself to a brand new experience


Join us and trust where the Soul leads you 


Whats involved - tools to open the Heart and Soul:

* active meditations

*Yogasana, Yoga Nidra

* Breath and meditation

*Shamanic Journeying

*Sound activations



*country walk

*Sacred Geometry


*vocal expression

*Guide clearing and calling in



Whats Included:

*All above mentioned sessions plus more depending on how our Souls wish to Speak

* Soul Journal

*Supporting Essence

*Card reading

*Delicious Vegetarian Brunch and Dinner Daily

*Group zoom prior to retreat

*Post (or prior) retreat Shamanic body work session @$75


Accomodation @ The Serpentine Retreat Centre

$788 +BF 

Single Occupancy Rooms - large shared bathrooms (men and women separate (Camping option available, please contact)

Payment plans available and welcomed - Please contact me direct to discuss 0422638186 or email

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