Heal, Align, Activate, Integrate




*Soul alignment and Healing

*Learn to speak with higher self, Soul Guides, Learn how 
to Listen

*Connection to Inner Self through Heart Based practices

*Connection of Self to The Mother Earth

*Remembering & awakening of Soul truths & wisdoms

*Access your Souls greater knowing 

*Cellular/DNA Clearing & activation 

*Clearing fear based energies from Akashic records & 
soul scripts

*Manifesting Souls purpose


Who is this for?

*Anyone who feels they need a good deep soul healing and activation of self 

*Anyone feeling they have greater purpose but don’t know what that is yet

*Anyone with purpose but feeling stagnant and ungrounded

*Anyone who feels they would like to be in greater communication with their true selves

*Light workers needing a clearing of Soul patterns or resetting of the Soul to align with new Earth frequencies

*Anyone struggling to Manifest Soul purpose and desires in the physical

*All those wishing to download and integrate their souls gifts and wisdoms in this physical life time without the trauma of other lives lived

*Those in service or feeling the call to be of service to light

I’m calling out to all souls who are awakened or awakening to hear the sound of their own Hearts. To access the seat of their soul and bring forth the fullness of themselves to this lifetime. You are a whole lot more than what you know yourself to be in this moment. A sovereign being of Light.

So, if you’re ready to expand into yourself even deeper and uncover whats beyond

Ready to step into the limitless possibilities that await you

Ready to heal on a deep soul Journey, releasing lifetimes of doubts and fears and open yourself to a brand new experience


Join us at Premalaya and trust where the Soul leads you 


Whats involved - tools to open the Heart and Soul:

*Rough Retreat schedule

Retreat Schedule (subject to shift as needed)

Friday (Self Connection, becoming present)

11am: Opening Sacred retreat space, Meeting Circle - sharing and setting intensions

12:30pm Yin yoga, body alignment, Chakra balance
afternoon tea, light snacks

4pm: Cacao Ceremony - heart/earth alignment,

6:30pm Dinner

8pm: Sound Healing 


Saturday (Earth Connection)

8:00am Walk on Country

lunch on return

3pm: Body & Soul Vocal expression ; drumming; dance 

6:30pm Dinner.

7:30pm: Yoga Nidra


Sunday (Soul)

7am: (optional, recommended) OSHO Kundalini meditation

8:15am: Yoga

10:45: Brunch

12pm: Sessions 1

1:30pm: Afternoon tea

2pm: Session 2 

4pm Session 3

6pm Dinner

7:30pm Spiral walk


Monday (integration)

8:00am: Yoga/meditation/breath

10am: Final circle

11am Brunch and farewell


Whats Included:

*All above mentioned sessions plus more depending on how our Souls wish to Speak

* Soul Journal

*Supporting Essence

*Card reading

*Delicious Vegetarian Brunch and Dinner Daily

*Group zoom prior to retreat

*Post retreat Shamanic body work session @$50


Accomodation TBC

Payment plans available and welcomed - Please contact me direct to discuss 0422638186 or email