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Cacao Ceremony

Come Home to the heart, home to yourself and home to the Earth

The magic and medicine of Mother Cacao, movement and sound will help heal and shift what is no longer serving, bringing peace, joy and trust back into your being.


Exchange $76 per person for public event 3hrs.

Please contact for pricing on your retreat, function.


Ceremonies take place in circle around a centre grid, bringing in support and energies from unconditional loving sources.

They can take place for private retreats/gatherings and public organised.

We sit in meditation and intension setting with Mother Cacao, connecting deep in our own truths within our hearts. allowing what needs to shift to be revealed and healed. Supported and guided with drumming and toning.

Movement through dance expression is an ancient tradition to help move the energies through and out of the body.

Sound healing helps integrate these Changes and restore mind, body, soul.

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