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Shamanic Journey Immersion
5WK program

A 5 week introductory to Shamanic Journeying. Developing the experience and understating of energies involved for personal development.


A great Intro for those considering any form of Shamanic Practitioner training, beginning their awakening journey …  Or wanting to go deeper into their own Spiritual development practices, especially if you have a theme/‘issue’ you are working on to release and change.


I will be working with Shamanic elements/directions, Earth based energies, along with higher dimensional realms and light beings… All depending on who is present and what is required within the session.


The Framework…..

Each 2 hr session will involve:

  • Grounding, smudging and meditation circle of sharing. 

  • Opening of space - as the program progresses you will have an opportunity to activate this.

  • Clearing any blocks present 

  • Connection to Guides presenting for that session

  • Shamanic Journey 

  • Discussion, sharing and integrating. 


Rough Schedule for 5 weeks (participant dependent)

Wk1: Opening up to Spirit guides, discernment, trusting intuition.

How to feel a block or resistance, and clear from self. ‘How’ to journey

Wk2: Introduction to 2 elements/directions.
properties, energies, allies.

Wk3: introduction to 2 elements/directions 

Properties, energies, allies

Wk4: Space, Dimensions and other realms.

Wk5: Crystals and grids


Between each session you are encouraged to daily practice what’s been learned and to keep a journey of your insights and experiences.



(Rockingham immersion TBA)

ALL welcome.

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