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Sound Awakening and Learning Program
5WK Experience


This 5 week program is designed to allow yourself to tap into the wisdom of sound within you. For the purpose of greater understanding of self, empowerment and encouragement of your intuition, and to develop your skills, knowledge and experiential understanding of the healing effects of sound.


We work in an intimate group for 5 weeks, learning theory and practical skills of Vibrational instruments including: Gongs, crystal and Tibetan bowls, percussive sounds, Voice/toning and the importance of silence.


Each 2hr session will involve:

*connection and sharing meditation circle.
*theory and practical skills of instrument of the week. 

*open discussion and extrapolation of benefits and what’s possible 

*Experiential learning-  resting deeply whilst I engage with instrument and deliver sounds

*Group share and discussion on your experience, to encourage awareness of your senses and develop trust and acknowledgement of your intuitive perception.


The final week we will incorporate all Instruments to learn and experience how to weave the sound together for a healing journey or experience for others.

OPTIONAL: arrange a public group session where you deliver the sound scape.


5 Week exchange : early bird $300 until February 16th (paid in full). Full price $333 (can be paid weekly after $75 deposit)



ALL welcome.


**Please note, this is NOT a certified course. This is for your personal development and a taste introduction to the modality of sound for facilitation of self and others.

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