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Sound Travels

upcoming sessions

@ Safety Bay yacht Club
Thursday 6th, 27th October 

10am, $15 cash - parents with younglings welcome


THE Sunday Shift - Sound , Cacao , breath , movement

TBA, $30 - with Garry Ryan of A Living Journey


please text to confirm cash 0422638186 or transfer 

We are all vibrating all of the time, people, plants, animals, matter. Does sound come from the vibrations or are the vibrations caused by the sound? Chicken or the egg?

Either way its of the same. 

The sound of tools such as the gong and singing bowls, were designed to resonate within the body, mind, and spirit to bring about deep relaxing, meditative states. The body switches into para-sympathetic nervous system operation, allowing itself to intuitively heal and regenerate where necessary.

During this time the mind is also free to journey with the spirit, often finding peace and clarity in emotional and mental concerns.



My trainings:

Crystal singing bowls with Dorothy Coy - Satori Sounds (Echoes)

Gong Master training with Don Conreaux and Aiden McIntyre - Gaunts house UK (10 days)

Gong Master training with Don Conreaux and Govinda Tiwari - Nepal (1day)

Gong Master training with Don Conreaux and Cosmic Gong - Portugal (3 days)

Tibetan singing bowls with Grand Master Shree Krishna Shahi - Kathmandu Sound Healing centre.


*Exchange $70 private sound healing session 45 min

*Awaken to Sound group sessions $15 -$30

* Private groups and retreats. $150 per hr plus travel depending on distance

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